Why Should I Consider a Locum Contract?

A Locum Contract is a document that records all aspects of the agreement between the Doctor and the Locum Physician.  The days of simple verbal agreements, with or without a handshake, are coming to an end.  A Locum Contract avoids the misunderstandings that arise from poor communication or from failure to predict situations that might arise during the Locum period.

Whenever possible, the contract should be brief and in simple language.  Although neither party are lawyers, a proper, signed Locum Contract is a legal document.

Below are two Sample Locum Contracts that you may modify for your use.  One is for a Percentage fee-for-service agreement, the other for a Per Diem agreement.

Sample: Fee-For-Service Contract (Word) Sample: Fee-For-Service Contract (Pages)

Sample: Per Diem Contract (Word) Sample: Per Diem Contract (Pages)