What is a Sub-LHIN?

Each of the province's 14 Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) is subdivided into smaller regions generally referred to as Sub-LHINs.  For the LHIN, the purpose of the Sub-LHIN is mostly for economic and health-evaluation analysis.  However, LocumsOntario uses these Sub-LHINs to enable Locum Physicians to select areas of interest larger than a town or community, but smaller than an entire LHIN.  Selecting a Sub-LHIN as a preferred Locum location will allow you to match to any number of smaller communities in a particular area, rather than just one.

It is interesting to note that Sub-LHINs in Toronto Central (LHIN 7) are neigbourhoods within the City of Toronto.

As each LHIN is responsible for maintaining and distributing the information about their own region, the quality of the information regarding the borders of their Sub-LHINs varies quite a bit.  For simplicity you will find below links to the maps that best show the Sub-LHIN borders for each LHIN.  You will note, the best by far is that of Champlain (LHIN 11).

LHIN 1:    Erie St. Clair
LHIN 2:    South West
LHIN 3:    Waterloo Wellington
LHIN 4:    Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant
LHIN 5:    Central West
LHIN 6:    Mississauga Halton
LHIN 7:    Toronto Central
LHIN 8:    Central
LHIN 9:    Central East
LHIN 10:  South East
LHIN 11:  Champlain
LHIN 12:  North Simcoe Muskoka
LHIN 13:  North East
LHIN 14:  North West