How to Create a Wonderful Locum Ad

Creating the right advertisement can be the difference between getting a Locum Physician and not getting one!

On this page, you need to really sell your Locum opportunity to all the prospective Locum Physicians who may be searching for a particular Locum, or just browsing.  Some of the fields are self-explanatory, such as:  Locum and Contact Information.  However, matches are made on the finer points.


Here's a good example of how a simple tag line title for you Locum Period might catch someone's eye. 

Why say "I need help!"  when you could say "Fabulous in Fenlon Falls!".  This title not only relates the location of the Locum, but the nature of the community and the general lightheartedness of your practice.


Be creative.  State the facts.  Never lie.  Use words that might make your Locum seem more interesting.  Use a sentence or two to describe the practice, where it's located, your office, fun things to do in the community.

Why say "I'm going on maternity leave and I'll be gone for four months.  Busy practice, guaranteed income, lots of little kids" when you could say "I am so blessed to be having my third child and I could really use a hand looking after my young practice when I'm gone.  It can be a little busy, but you will be well compensated.  The office is organized, the staff is great and there's great fishing nearby."

EMR System

The Locum Physicians will be able to list their preferred systems when hunting for a Locum.

Primary Care Model

This only applies to Family Practice.  If you're a Specialist, the field should say "None".

Gender Preference

Don't be afraid to choose one.  If your practice is mostly female and you feel it would be in their best interest and yours for the Locum Physician to be female, choose "Female".  If you have no preference, leave the field blank.  Locum Physicians do not have to indicate their gender during registration.  Yes, LocumsOntario is just THAT progressive!

Schedule Details

This is a free-form section in which you can list the days and hours you wish the Locum to work.  You can put in as much information as you wish here.  Ideally, the Locum Physician is working the same days and hours as you do.  However, you might wish to keep the hours to a minimum to reduce your costs – Of course, that might mean more work for you when you return.

Evening and Weekend Hours

It's OK to request these of your Locum Physician.  These clinic hours may be a vital part of your practice.  Altering the hours too much during the Locum Period again may mean more work for you when you return.  Spin evening or weekend clinics as a positive aspect of the Locum experience.  But, be open, if need be, be ready to negotiate.

Nursing Home and Hospital Inpatients

Don't be surprised if the Locum Physician is a little timid about working in a hospital again or seeing elderly patients in a nursing home.  They may wish to negotiate these aspects out of the Locum Period and concentrate more on your office practice.  On the other hand, you can sell these features as a great learning opportunity for someone who has not yet settled on their own practice.  You may have colleagues willing to care for your inpatients and nursing home patients while you are away.

Obstetrical Deliveries (Primary Care)

Not all Family Practice Locum Physicians will be comfortable with obstetrics.  Many will seek it out specifically and you should highlight this aspect of your Locum Period wherever possible.  However, you will likely cater to a larger audience if you consider having a colleague or your call group cover your obstetrical responsibilities for a short Locum.


This is a very important parameter.  Interested Locum Physicians can double check the status of your community as defined by the Ministry of Health.  Underserviced Locums may be eligible for per diem and travel grants through HealthForceOntario.  When this box is checked, an Underserviced sash appears across the map icon of the ad, highlighting it further. 

Click here for more Underserviced information.

Compensation Type

There are generally two accepted forms of compensation for Locum Physicians:  Percentage fee for service and Per diem rate.  Select the one you are offering here.  In general, fee-for-service Specialists or Family Physicians in a Family Health Group or Comprehensive Care Model will select % Fee for service.  The actual percentage is negotiable but typically now is around 70% for the Locum Physician, 30% for the Doctor.

Doctors in an Alternate Funding Plan, Family Health Organization, Network or Team may prefer a Per Diem compensation.  Ensure that, for primary care practitioners, the Locum Physician is granted Locum status in your primary care group before billings are submitted.  This way outside use is minimized. 

In either case, compensation regarding non-OHIP income should be negotiated separately.  Income to consider includes direct billings, WSIB, delayed payments and non-insured services when a patient has purchased a block fee. 

Having a Locum Contract is a good idea.  The days of verbal contracts and a hand shake are coming to an end.  Keep the contract simple and use simple terms.  Include in it every item you had negotiated.

Click here to view some sample Locum Contracts.  Feel free to copy and modify them for your own use.

Travel Expenses and Lodging

These are of more importance for Rural Locums where housing and transportation may be difficult.  Your community may have funds set aside to support attracting Locum Physicians for their weary Doctors.  Larger cities certainly don't have this.  If you are going away, it might be very attractive to offer your own home for the Locum Physician to stay in.


It is unlikely that computer, internet or parking will make a Locum Physician decide not to enjoy the learning experience of your Locum opportunity.  However, each box checked means life for your Locum Physician will be a little easier.  Checking these parameters might make the difference between a Good Match and an Excellent Match.

Environment Details

This is the best place to put further information about your staff, the efficiency of the office, the number of other Doctors present and other features that a Locum Physician would want to know.  Enticing aspects to your practice recounted in this section might give your Locum ad an advantage over those that leave this section blank.