What the Heck is a Locum Preference?

A Locum Preference is your way of telling LocumsOntario when, and what kind of Locum you wish to do. 

Create a separate Locum Preference for each period of time you have available to do a Locum.  Let's walk through how to do this...

Preference Name

Naming your Preference is a way for you to tell them apart.  You can call them anything you like – No one sees the names but you.  Try names like "Spring 2013" or "Just after my BC trip".


This drop down menu selection should default to your specialty.  If it doesn't, just select it.

Start Date and End Date

Each Locum Preference must have a unique beginning and end.  LocumsOntario will be comparing your availability to the dates posted in the Locum Ads.

Should you have a particularly long Locum availability, it is possible that you will be matching to a number of Locum Periods during that time.  When this occurs, you should deactivate the initial Locum Preference period and create new ones...

For example:  Your Locum Preference is for the entire months of April and May.  You then match to a Locum Ad for a two week Locum – the last week of April and the first week of May.  It is then best to create two NEW Locum Preferences:  The first encompassing the first three weeks of April and the second encompassing the last three weeks of May!

EMR System

Listed in this drop down menu are the EMR systems currently funded through OntarioMD.  Choose the one you might prefer for this Locum.  If you do not have a preference, leave it blank.  If you prefer paper charts, choose "None".

Primary Care Model

Family Physicians / GPs in Ontario work in a number of different primary care groups.  If you have a preference, you may select it here.  If you don't, leave it blank.  If you are a Specialist, choose "None".


Here you have three options for where you would like to find a Locum opportunity.  You may select a community, a LHIN or, if you know it, you can choose a Sub-LHIN.  Choose only ONE!  LocumsOntario already knows which Sub-LHIN and LHIN each community resides in.  The choices are here to allow you to be as general or as specific as you wish.

For example:  You might prefer the City of Kitchener.  However, if you would be fine with any of the communities in the Kitchener area, you might select its Sub-LHIN: Urban Waterloo & Rural Waterloo South.  If anywhere in the region is fine, you could select the entire LHIN: Waterloo Wellington.  The broader your preference, the more likely you will find a suitable Locum.

Compensation Type

There are generally two accepted compensation types for Locum Physicians:  Percentage Fee-for-Service and a Per Diem Rate.  The type advertised mostly depends on the Specialty or Primary Care Model the in which the Doctor works.  If you have a preference, select it here.  If you do not have a preference, leave it blank.

For fee-for-service remuneration models, such as Comprehensive Care Model and Family Health Groups - as well as most specialists - you will likely be offered a percentage of your billing.

For Alternatively funded Doctors - such as those Family Physician / GPs in Family Health Organizations, Networks and Teams or AFP Specialists – a Per Diem rate would be most common.

Locum Environment Preferences

Options such as parking, wireless internet and a dedicated computer seem pretty common place these days.  Don't be afraid to check off those boxes. 

If you are traveling a far distance to a remote location and you would prefer help with lodging or expenses, check these boxes.  Smaller communities will often have incentive funds to help find Locum Physicians for their Doctors.  Larger centres are less likely to have travel funds for you.

Things you Don't Want to do

Leave boxes unchecked for the Locum features in which you have no interest.  For some, weekend and evening hours are less desirable while nursing home and hospital inpatient work seem daunting.  Of course, the corollary is that the occasional evening or weekend clinic might be very important for the Doctor's practice and getting back to nursing home and hospital work might be very enjoyable and rewarding.  Don't discount these options too quickly – especially if you are doing a rural Locum.

Primary care obstetrics is a little different.  Check this box if you are interested in keeping up your obstetrical and delivery skills.  Leave it blank if this is not a skill you wish to entertain.  This box does not pertain to Obstetricians.

Underserviced Locums

The Ministry of Health has created special programs and funding opportunities for Locum Physicians working in underserviced or rural areas.  These programs are administered by HealthForceOntario.  Check this box if this part of Ontario is of interest to you.