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The Story of LocumsOntario

Posted 8 years, 2 months ago

As a Doctor, I became tired of struggling to find a Locum every time I wished to go away with my family or attend a CME event.

Sure, my colleagues could cover my practice for a time, and I could direct my patients to our after-hours clinic – but, when I returned, there was always that pile of reports to review and list of phone calls to make. And then there was that feeling of guilt that I was taking advantage of my partners who perhaps, did not travel as much. And of course, the week I got back was a zoo. It seemed that all of my patients were just piling up their problems, waiting for my reappearance. It made being away from my office more trouble than it was worth.

Getting a Locum was always a hassle. The OMA used to host a website for bringing Locum Physicians together with Doctors, but they shut that down some years ago, after it became too cumbersome to administer. HealthForceOntario lets me post an advertisement, but they are more interested in the underserviced areas of the province – Not where I live. My best bet was always word-of-mouth. Typically, I could find one or two young physicians making their way through a series of my colleagues' offices. Unfortunately, they were often overbooked and I could never get them for the dates I wished.

This is why I designed LocumsOntario!  Finally, a site that is here truly for the Doctors of Ontario! LocumsOntario is not sponsored by a large telecommunications company (out fishing for my email address), nor the pharmaceutical industry (hoping I will prescribe their name-brand drug while pretending they have my best interests at heart). The goal this website is simple – To get interested Locum Physicians matched to Doctors in need. It does this by encouraging Locum Physicians to register and browse advertisements created by Doctors. It allows Doctors to advertise for free but allows them to promote their advertisement for better visibility. Moreover, LocumsOntario provides a true match process that notifies the Doctor when a Locum Physician has listed availability and preferences that are similar their own.

That's it. Your information will never be shared and you will never get unsolicited junk mail from our site. You will get email notifications when a possible match has registered and reminder emails when your advertisement is about to expire. Simple. I am very proud of LocumsOntario. I know you will be happy with it too.



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Why LocumsOntario?

Posted 8 years, 3 months ago

Register for Free!
Advertise for Free!
It works!

Any Ontario Doctor may register and post a Locum Ad for Free on LocumsOntario. All that is needed is a valid CPSO number and a desire to get a Locum Physician.

It's that simple!

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