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Is it really 2015?

Posted 6 years, 5 months ago

Yes, LocumsOntario is alive and well.  Every day new users are registering – Both posting and hunting for Locum opportunities.  Recently, I have taken a break from the conference circuit and have just been letting the website work its magic.  

So, what's happening with LocumsOntario?

I have recently met with a new programmer and we are working on version 2.  This version will include better communication with users, more feedback options, and additional parameters such as indicating whether the Locum is in a Francophone community.

I also will be simplifying the terms of use for those posting Locum ads and better indicators for how often your ads are visited.

It is clear that LocumsOntario works.  

Get the word out.  Tell your colleagues.  Use the site.

Hope to see you soon. 


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