What Makes a Community Underserviced?

That's a Good Question!

HealthForceOntario (HFO)
is the government-funded recruitment agency that administers the underserviced and rural Family Medicine and Specialist Locum Programs in Ontario.  The programs they run are relatively complex, but worth your while to review if you are interested in being a Locum Physician in a rural or northern community.   Locum placements in these regions carry monetary and travel incentives that benefit both the Locum Physician, the Doctor and the underserviced community.
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As the definition of 'underserviced' will, no doubt, change with the politics of the province, for simplicity, LocumsOntario asks the Doctor to indicate whether their community is deemed underserviced by HFO.  Advertisements for Locums in underserviced communities are indicated by a red 'Underserviced' sash.

LocumsOntario does not differentiate between Rural and Northern communities.  However, Locum Physicians are entitled to higher levels of incentives depending on the rurality of the community and the number of Doctors practicing in the community.
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The degree of rurality of a community is measured by the Rurality Index of Ontario (RIO).  The algorithm calculating a community's RIO changes every few years.  It's best for you to confirm the RIO of the advertised Locum directly.  It is generally the case that a community with an RIO ≥ 60 is considered underserviced.  However, very small communities may be considered underserviced with an RIO as low as 40.  Communities with an RIO ≥ 75 have the greatest incentives for Locum Physicians.

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